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The Sun Room Redux.

  • Aaron F.

   Originally the sun room was the first room we re-did.  We painted the room, restored the old windows to try and get another year out of them, and made it a living space that we could occupy during the heavy remodel period.  Eventually when our contractor finished up in the kitchen, we realized that the sun room was just too small to be the main room to watch TV in.  It couldn’t hold more than two people.  I was unable to have friends over for football and even worse, I was unable to have friends over for wrestling pay per views.  That was unacceptable.  We moved the TV and sofa into the big living room leaving the sun room empty and once again, unfinished.  This of course drove me nuts.  During the week I primed the ceiling and then painted it the same off white, (almost beige) as the ceiling in the kitchen.  It was starting to look like something again.

   There was an old, unattractive, ceiling fan in the room that we took down.  It was ugly brass with old fashioned, cheap looking glass globes.  It was just plain ugly.  Cool looking fans were proving to be difficult to find but with a little Nicole magic, she had this fakakta fan looking totally awesome.  She painted the fan “Carbon Mist” which was a super dark gray.  We then went to Lowes and bought 3 new globes for lights.  This ended up looking brand new.

This is the original fan style that we had in the sun room.  This fan in the picture is the fan in our living-room but its the same style.

  That same day, I had gone to the store to get some liquid nails.  We have been keeping an eye on those electric stoves that give heat and display a fake fire.  They are pretty awesome and the store that I was at had some pretty good deals on them.  When I got home, I told Nicole about them and we drove back to look at them.  They have all sorts to choose from, some built into bookshelves, some with elaborate wood mantels, and then a simple metal model that looked like an old wood stove.  Nicole liked that one.  I totally didn’t think that would be the model that she liked but it was, and we bought it.  We are now one item away from completing this room.  A sofa.  This room is going to become a reading room, or a quiet place to go do some laptop work.  I can’t wait to get it done.  I want there to be two rooms for people to go sit and mingle in for the cocktail party at the end of November that we are having for our families and close friends.