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So it begins again.

  • Aaron F.

  The break from house work has ended and Saturday my dad came down to help tear apart the dining room.  Like every other project in this house, a simple idea turned into a huge pain in the ass.  I needed help on the bay window.  The plaster was crumbling and there were random sections of drywall that were heavily damaged.  Another masterpiece created by the previous owners.  We figured that if we were going to work on this project, we might as well do it right.  We decided to tear everything down and insulate the entire wall.  Of course when we started, we pulled down a section that had endured generations of water damage that was ignored.  This section was rough, and there was serious rot.  We pulled out some of the heavily rotted stuff and put in some 2×4’s so that we would have something to drill the drywall into.  Plaster is awful and removing it is even worse.  The dust and filth that spreads all over the house is brutal.  It was clear that we were not going to finish this project that day, but I wanted to at least get help doing the upper portion of the bay window.  I figured that if we could at least get that done, I could do the rest (or as much as possible) on Monday and Tuesday, because I took time off from work.

This was the area with heavy water damage and rot.  Surprise!!!

  I have to admit, I was not in the mood for a project like this after a super busy week, but with an upcoming cocktail party that we are hosting, time is running short and we have to get this place as close to normal as we can before hand.