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Garden Walk!

  • Aaron F.
    Another Garden Walk year has passed and this year was really something.  The things people do with their backyards in this city are amazing and we got some really good ideas from some of the things we saw.  I didn’t have the good camera, we are still waiting to get a new one... Continue Reading →

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Hope everyone had a great 4th!

  • Aaron F.
    Our 4th of July ended up being a a day of production instead of cooking out, shooting fireworks, or drinking heavily.  I think we were both OK with that seeing as it was a mid week holiday and the day off from work wasn’t very satisfying.  We have been working hard on the... Continue Reading →

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Phase 1: 90% complete!

  • Aaron F.
    This weekend was big in terms of production.  Nicole and I set out to “start” the fence, but ended up going balls out and finished almost all of it.  There is just a small section on the other side of the yard to complete but the majority, the large side, is now finished.... Continue Reading →

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Small backyards…

  • Aaron F.
   So if you have been reading my blog, you probably know from past posts, that our backyard is really awful.  Its small, it doesn’t get much sun, and its unattractive and muddy.  With all of those things going for us, it’s still our project for the summer and should make for a great before... Continue Reading →

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