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Back from Chicago: Continued

  • Aaron F.
    We took a lot of pictures on our trip, so to avoid gigantic posts I’m splitting it up a little.  The next thing we decided to do was head over to “Millennium Park”.  I had been here before but Nicole and Molly hadn’t.  We went there and saw “The Bean”, and walked around... Continue Reading →

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Back From Chicago: Part 1

  • Aaron F.
    The Chicago trip ended up being a lot of fun and we ended up doing most of the touristy things that I hadn’t done in past trips there.  I normally hate doing touristy things, and I still do, but it was still fun. You can read more about our trip after the jump... Continue Reading →

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Travel Log: First full day of our Chicago Trip

  • Aaron F.
   Yesterday was totally ruined for us with that air plane ordeal.  It had to have been one of the worst airline experiences ever, but on the plus side, I’m glad it was discovered and that we didn’t die.  There was a pressure leak in first engine and it was leaking fluids.  They told us... Continue Reading →

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Chicago Bound

  • Aaron F.
   Nicole and I are in the airport on our way to Chicago.  I should have some really great pictures from this trip as we plan on getting a lot in.  More to come, go Bills! Advertisements

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