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New Shirt: Klingon Day To Die Shirt

  • Aaron F.
The Blog front has been quiet as of late and I apologize! It’s been crazy around here with orders pouring in already for the holidays.  Getting new designs out as much as I’d like, has proven to be challenging. This week I have managed to pump out a new design that will be perfect for... Continue Reading →

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Play Star Trek 25th Anniversary In Your Browser along with 2500 other DOS Classics!

  • Aaron F.
    Oh the days of DOS games…how I miss thee.  There were so many sweet PC games back in the day, and they were always so much cooler than the old console games.  It was kinda like cable TV shows compared to Network TV shows.  There was always that feeling that PC games could... Continue Reading →

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Fan Expo Canada Bound! (I’m not sure if I’m excited.)

  • Aaron F.
I consider myself a comic geek, although at the age of 35, I have to curb by buying habits to not look like a total asshole.  I have a baby and a wife, so instead of buying the Punisher first appearance, Spiderman Issue #129, I’ll make a home repair or maybe throw some money in... Continue Reading →

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Engage….in posting again.

  • Aaron F.
   So much has happened since my last post.  Without going into details, over a week ago we lost our good camera, so it sort of killed any motivation I had to post anything significant.  On top of all of that, we have been crazy busy this year which is great because it seems people... Continue Reading →

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