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WOO! I’m back. I’m trying!

  • Aaron F.
    Its been a hectic couple of days!  Every day seems to be more busy than the next.  Sounds exciting right?  Sort of.  I’m burning out.  The shirt orders have been crazy, the overtime at my other job is non-stop, and the work around the house is never ending.  Last weekend, Nicole and I decided... Continue Reading →

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Busy Busy! Quick Update!

  • Aaron F.
    I had taken 2 half days and a full day off this week to get some work done in the new house.  This would also allow me to work with Al (our contractor) to learn some things.  The heat wave hasn’t made things very easy on us but we were determined to make some... Continue Reading →

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Full Weekend of House Work

  • Aaron F.
    This weekend was super busy.  Friday night we set a goal for what we wanted to accomplish this weekend and we made sure that we actually did it.  Our main goal was to tackle a few more of the old windows and paint the sun room.  Like I had mentioned a few posts ago,... Continue Reading →

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Kitchen Remodel Phase 2: Knocking Out the Wall

  • Aaron F.
    So the kitchen is fully gutted and today Al and I knocked out the wall dividing the kitchen and the dining room.  We will be putting up a new half wall, leaving a cut out and showing off a little counter space in the kitchen.  The inside of the kitchen wall.  Prepare to meet... Continue Reading →

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