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Fan Expo Canada Bound! (I’m not sure if I’m excited.)

  • Aaron F.
I consider myself a comic geek, although at the age of 35, I have to curb by buying habits to not look like a total asshole.  I have a baby and a wife, so instead of buying the Punisher first appearance, Spiderman Issue #129, I’ll make a home repair or maybe throw some money in... Continue Reading →

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New Doctor Who onesie!

  • Aaron F.
   I am super excited to bring you this new onesie as I am a huge fan of Doctor Who.  This onesie fits in well with out super nerdy onesie series.  In our shops we offer the “Little Captain” onesie featuring Captain Picard, our “Little #1” onesie featuring Will Riker, and now this sweet 2... Continue Reading →

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The Nursery is coming along nice!

  • Aaron F.
  If you are new to this blog, my wife and I are having a kid, so we have been working on a nursery.  We took the room where my old office was, and completely gutted it out, down to bare bones.  The room was a disaster…crumbling plaster walls, layers of overlapping wallpaper, no insulation, a pull... Continue Reading →

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New Torchwood Shirt!

  • Aaron F.
    I started watching Doctor Who a few months back, and I am not totally wrapped up in it.  Its way worse than Star Trek TNG was for me, this is by far my favorite series of all time.  One character I like in particular, is Captain Jack Harkness who has become the subject of... Continue Reading →

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