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The Sony Incident

  • Aaron F.
    Oh what a world we live in.  If you haven’t been following the most embarrassing story of the year, you probably are now with the recent announcement to pull “The Interview” from being shown on Christmas day.  I’m not sure anyone saw that coming.  Or maybe you did?     With the incredible... Continue Reading →

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C25K Time!

  • Aaron F.
   Last year I got my blood work done for my yearly check up.  I’m healthy, never sick, blood pressure is good, however my cholesterol was not.  It was high at 260 with my LDL at 194.  At that time, I was able to locate problem areas for food that I eat.  I love fries,... Continue Reading →

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Some trip highlights: Hanger One Vodka Tasting

  • Aaron F.
    For my sister’s birthday my parents took us all to the Hanger One Distillery to taste booze.  Located in an old military base building, in the middle of nowhere, and with an incredible view of the city from the parking lot, this place was truly awesome.  When we entered the building there was this... Continue Reading →

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