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  • Aaron F.
   Oh man I’m glad its Friday, this week has been draining.  Over the next two weeks, we will be focusing on the Toddler section of our site.  I received a few orders for Toddler shirts this week and was immediately embarrassed that the Toddler webpage looked as terrible as it did.  Thanks to the people that... Continue Reading →

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First Year in the House Retrospect: The Dining Room

  • Aaron F.
    The dining room was a big job.  Between the new floor, the leveling of the floor, the plaster removal, the water damage repair, and the hard stuck-o ceiling, this job was long and tiring.  We had to use a steamer to get the old wallpaper off which had to be like 30 years... Continue Reading →

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There are still good people around.

  • Aaron F.
    After work yesterday, I packed up my ratty old back pack with some orders that needed to be taken to the post office, stuck my wallet into my back pocket, and hopped onto my cruiser bicycle to go drop off the mail.  When I arrive at the post office, I lock up my bike... Continue Reading →

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I am hung.

  • Aaron F.
    The drywall is all hung in the dining room.  Two days off of work and two full days working in the dining room.  All the drywall is up and is partially taped.  We are moving pretty fast on this room.  Today after work I started pulling the wallpaper off the wall on the upper... Continue Reading →

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