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  • Aaron F.

    After work yesterday, I packed up my ratty old back pack with some orders that needed to be taken to the post office, stuck my wallet into my back pocket, and hopped onto my cruiser bicycle to go drop off the mail.  When I arrive at the post office, I lock up my bike and reach into my back pocket to grab my wallet, only to find emptiness.  My wallet had fallen out of my pocket during the ride.  All of my credit cards were in there and my I.D. card.  Luckily I never carry cash, but the panic soon took over and I started running the route that I took to get there, leaving my bike at the post office.  After retracing my steps, the results were negative.  It was gone.  I gathered the numbers for all of my cards and cancelled them.  This was a true bummer.
   About an hour later the doorbell rang.  A younger kid was standing at the door with my wallet in his hand.  I was truly amazed.  I never even imagined for a second that it would ever be a possibility.  Thanks again.

   The drywall work is moving right along in the main foyer.  For the most part, it has been relatively easy, with only a few hiccups here and there.  I ran in to one minor problem.  One of the pipes in the wall was not pushed back far enough and it was pushing the drywall out.  I had to shave down a section of the drywall so that it would lay correctly.  With a little mud work, it shouldn’t be noticeable.