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New Shirt! A Tribute to the Legendary Terry Funk

  • Aaron F.
I’ve sitting on this design for a while, occasionally staring at it wondering if I liked the design.  It turned out that I just needed to see it on a different color than what I originally printed it on.  The new Terry Funk Tribute shirt looks pretty awesome and is now available in our Etsy... Continue Reading →

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New Bodysuit and Toddler Shirt

  • Aaron F.
   If you know a wrestling fan that’s having a baby or has a toddler, this would make an awesome gift.  Let’s face it.  The toddler you know might be headed to daycare where he will be around other kids.  Let it be known as soon as you walk through the door….No Jibronis. Like all... Continue Reading →

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Review: Lucha Underground!

  • Aaron F.
    I grew up a wrestling fan.  It was never something I hid from anyone, in fact I loved it.  Now in my 30’s, I find myself only getting into it once in a while.  The current WWE product isn’t for me.  I find it t be stale, dull, and too corporate for my... Continue Reading →

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The KKK took my Costume Away…

  • Aaron F.
    Halloween was pretty good this year.  Honestly, we were sort of dreading it because last year was crazy, or at least it seemed that way.  Like everything, its a learning experience.  We learned from the things we did wrong last year.  Here are a few rules for Halloween that we learned living in the... Continue Reading →

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