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St. Patrick’s Day is coming quick!

  • Aaron F.
    Just a little reminder (cheap plug), St. Patrick’s day is quickly approaching!  I’m far from Irish but recognize that the day is filled with people who are, and they are all drinking like there is no tomorrow, and wearing wacky clothing.  This year we have given them an option!  Super Sweet Shirts presents the... Continue Reading →

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I’m not Irish….but if i were, I’d fancy this shirt.

  • Aaron F.
    Time for a cheap plug.  St. Patrick’s day is approaching with it’s parades, drunken escapades, and yes, witty t-shirts.  I have been doing shirts for over 5 years now, and every year I mean to do a St. Patrick’s day shirt, but I totally forget.  This year, I have not!  Nicole had a pretty... Continue Reading →

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