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Action 100 Continues: "Stone Cold"

  • Aaron F.
    Later this week, I’m going to be continuing my quest to make sure I’ve seen everything on the AOBG 2011 top 100 action movie list.  I find myself at around number 62 with the next movie on the list being, “Stone Cold” starring Brian Bosworth.       I’ll probably have my take on... Continue Reading →

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Action Movie Review: "To Live and Die in L.A."

  • Aaron F.
    Oh my god…this movie was terrific.  Out of all the action movies I’ve reviewed since starting this, “To Live and Die in L.A.” was the most fun to watch.  Let’s take a look at the basic plot of the film: Richard Chance and Jimmy Hart are United States Secret Service agents assigned as... Continue Reading →

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New shirt #2

  • Aaron F.
    This is the second shirt we are releasing this week.  The suggestion came from an email from a customer on Etsy who noticed our “Cobra” onesie and asked us if we had an adult shirt version.  It was something that I had meant to do but had totally forgotten about it.  It is now... Continue Reading →

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Action Film Top 100: Mr. Majestyk

  • Aaron F.
    The next film on the list that I’m watching is “Mr. Majestyk” starring the legendary Charles Bronson. The description of the film is as follows: “Cinema’s most rugged tough guy, Charles Bronson, threads his uncompromising coolness through a tight weave of car chases, shootouts and bare-knuckle brawling in this gritty, forceful action film... Continue Reading →

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