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New Music!

  • Aaron F.

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A Really Cool Mini-Documentary on the Texas Is The Reason Reunion years ago…

  • Aaron F.
If you are reading this and never listened to Texas is the Reason, I highly suggest seeking out this legendary band.  These guys were pioneers and way ahead of their time.

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Punk Rock Alert!

  • Aaron F.
    Musically I am stuck in the 90’s, and with my wife home on maternity leave, she is quick to send me text messages from the first floor of our home (I work on the 3rd floor) mocking me out with comments like “1998 all day”.  Like Metallica once said, “Sad but true”.  My... Continue Reading →

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A Serious Addition to Our Toddler Shirts.

  • Aaron F.
   I am excited to start doing black toddler shirts.  The focus for the first part of 2013 has been expanding our toddler shirts section.  What a way to kick it off by adding a bad ass straight edge toddler shirt.  I still chuckle at little kids wearing straight edge shirts.  I mean, of course... Continue Reading →

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