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Slowly starting rehab again…

  • Aaron F.
    We took a break starting late November on all house rehab.  It was getting to be a little much but now Nicole and I are starting to get the itch again.  We slowly started working in the living room.  Nicole got the idea to turn the bay window area in the living room... Continue Reading →

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Now onto Thanksgiving!

  • Aaron F.
    We have busted our asses since buying the house with a set of goals that we wanted completed by winter.  We would like to thank my Mom, my Stepfather Henry, and my Dad Bob for helping us accomplish everything, it would have been a lot harder to do without their help.  New kitchen windows,... Continue Reading →

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A few quick notes…

  • Aaron F.
     I posted the new Poe shirt for ladies in all three shops.  This shirt caught the attention of many people at the Rochester show and overall, got a good response.     Also this weekend, Nicole and I will attempt to prime the dining room once I finish sanding it tomorrow.   I’ll be so relieved... Continue Reading →

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Happy Halloween!

  • Aaron F.
Ric hates Halloween and horror movies.  Ever since he watched “The Ring” he fears VCR tapes.           Happy Halloween!  I’m pretty excited as this is the first Halloween in our new house.  We have no idea what to expect for Trick or Treaters in terms of how many we will see.  This is a... Continue Reading →

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