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A Garden Vision

  • Aaron F.
    One thing that I noticed in San Francisco was that many of the apartments had unique, lavish gardens in the back.  It was really incredible to see.  Due to the fact that the buildings are on different ground levels, it’s easy to climb a few steps and get a look at many of them... Continue Reading →

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Back from San Fran! Beer Review: Pliny The Elder

  • Aaron F.
   Nicole and I have finally returned home from our vacation with my family over to San Francisco to visit my sister.  The trip was full of laughs, good food, and amazing beers.  I didn’t get to blog as much as I wanted because the 3G coverage was terrible in the city and the wireless... Continue Reading →

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A fun day yesterday.

  • Aaron F.
    Yesterday Nicole and I did some exploring around San Francisco beginning at the aquarium.  Nicole loves marine life so she was really excited to go.  This was probably one of the more impressive aquariums that I’ve seen as most of it is trolling through glass tunnels hundreds of feet under water.  The sea life... Continue Reading →

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