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A Garden Vision

  • Aaron F.

    One thing that I noticed in San Francisco was that many of the apartments had unique, lavish gardens in the back.  It was really incredible to see.  Due to the fact that the buildings are on different ground levels, it’s easy to climb a few steps and get a look at many of them at once from above.  The apartment that we stayed at had just the garden we were visioning for our own back yard. 

Not the furniture, but we love all of the green with the red brick. I bet it looks even better when the flowers bloom.

    Our back yard is really small, and we basically wanted to turn it into a back patio area like this.  The patio at the apartment we stayed in was just as small as our backyard so it will be perfect.  The red bricks looked fantastic after probably years of weathering.

Too bad we couldn’t just get our bricks “aged”.

   The plans for the patio won’t be in place until next season but it will give us plenty of time to brainstorm.  Right now the backyard looks like a jungle, all overgrown.  It’s nerve-racking because we don’t close on the house until June 3.  How ridiculous will the lawn look by then? Hopefully it gets somehow maintained.