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Garden Walk!

  • Aaron F.
    Another Garden Walk year has passed and this year was really something.  The things people do with their backyards in this city are amazing and we got some really good ideas from some of the things we saw.  I didn’t have the good camera, we are still waiting to get a new one... Continue Reading →

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Garden Walk Weekend.

  • Aaron F.
   This weekend is the 2012 Buffalo Garden Walk which is one the biggest garden events in the country.  It is a great opportunity for gardening nerds like us to get out and see what people have done, get ideas, and gain inspiration.  The event takes place all over the city of Buffalo and is free.... Continue Reading →

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A Garden Vision

  • Aaron F.
    One thing that I noticed in San Francisco was that many of the apartments had unique, lavish gardens in the back.  It was really incredible to see.  Due to the fact that the buildings are on different ground levels, it’s easy to climb a few steps and get a look at many of them... Continue Reading →

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