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Face to Face Buffalo, NY 5/26/15: More Than Just a Nostalgia Show

  • Aaron F.
I have a terrible habit of buying tickets to see shows, and then when the day finally comes I dread going. Maybe it’s my age?  I guess I’m just easily irritated.  About two weeks ago, I had read online that Face to Face was coming to a small venue here in Buffalo, NY.  At that... Continue Reading →

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Restaurant Review: Sonoma Grille

  • Aaron F.
    Thursday night Nicole and I met with some friends for some dinner.  We usually pick the places to go so this time we had them pick.  They chose “Sonoma Grille” on Main St. out in Snyder, NY outside of the city.  I’ll be honest, I’m a snob when it comes to food.  I really... Continue Reading →

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