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Vera Pizzeria is Magnificent.

  • Aaron F.
    Over the summer, Nicole and I went with my family to San Francisco to visit my sister.  My favorite place that we visited while vacationing there was called The Alembic Bar.  What made this place special was that they made top notch old school cocktails, and they did them correctly.  You didn’t have some... Continue Reading →

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Restaurant Review: Cole’s Restaurant

  • Aaron F.
    Buffalo has really started to gain a reputation for having great beer.  It is becoming common to see more and more restaurants carrying excellent beer, continuously changing kegs as they are kicked, and exchanging them for other excellent beers.  Its something that I love about this city.  This weekend Nicole and I went to... Continue Reading →

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Holiday Weekend!

  • Aaron F.
   Oh man I can’t wait to kick back this weekend.  Things have been super busy around here.  The bathroom is over 75% done and the kitchen is like 90% done.  Hopefully when this is over we can take a few weeks to breathe a bit. I have spent much of the week organizing and... Continue Reading →

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Some Security Improvements

  • Aaron F.
    With some recent encounters with crime in the neighborhood, Nicole and I found it necessary to re-evaluate some of our home improvement priorities and to make sure that our home is secure.  Our neighbors had their home broken into while they were home and that sort of freaked us out.  We realized how easy... Continue Reading →

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