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The Super Sweet Shirt Co, Makes a Buzzfeed!

  • Aaron F.
    Today was just like any normal day of work minus an abnormal surge in orders worse than the week before Christmas.  It started earlier in the morning and then continued into the night.  I thought to myself, “Maybe everyone’s buying Valentines Day gifts?”    Around 11 at night I opened my swollen inbox... Continue Reading →

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Reboot

  • Aaron F.
    While watching wrestling last week, they gave a sneak preview of the new Ninja Turtles Cartoon that started last Saturday with a 60 minute premiere.  I decided to watch it being a fan of franchise.  Even when they randomly released an animated movie years back, I was at the theater opening weekend.  It’s one of... Continue Reading →

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