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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Reboot

  • Aaron F.

    While watching wrestling last week, they gave a sneak preview of the new Ninja Turtles Cartoon that started last Saturday with a 60 minute premiere.  I decided to watch it being a fan of franchise.  Even when they randomly released an animated movie years back, I was at the theater opening weekend.  It’s one of those nostalgic things that I haven’t let go of.
    The new series is computer animated, which doesn’t mean much these days because everything is, but this show looks more like a video game.  Being someone who has seen the turtles from the very beginning, this style was drastically different and I didn’t think I’d be able to get used to it.  That lasted all of 5 minutes.  The show was so good, and so well done, that I totally forgot about the new animation style and was wrapped up in the show.  The show seems to be a total reboot and seems to focus on the early years of the turtles.  Master Splinter tells them the story of their origin while also establishing that they are currently only 15 years old.  The flashback sequences they do in the show are pretty awesome as well, as it switches to a totally different style animation, almost bearing the resemblance of comic book art.  I didn’t really catch on that it was the “early years” until they introduced April, who is only a little girl in this cartoon (she may be a young teenager, they didn’t really say and its kind of hard to tell).
    The fight scenes in the show are pretty awesome, using well timed slow motion occasionally (without being overbearing) to show special techniques.  The premiere spends most of the episode establishing “The Krang” which is obviously a gang of villains run by the alien Krang.  Don’t worry, right when I thought that maybe Shredder wasn’t going to be in the show, he is introduced at the very end.
    Overall the show is well done and I actually found myself looking forward to the next episode, something I haven’t had happen watching a cartoon in years.  If you are or were a fan of Ninja Turtles, be sure to check this out on Nickelodeon Saturday mornings. That’s right….Saturday morning cartoons!