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Action 100: "Stone Cold"

  • Aaron F.

    The next movie on this magnificent list was “Stone Cold” starring Brian Bosworth.  As soon as I watched the trailer for this movie, I couldn’t wait to watch it.  I did something that I normally don’t do when reviewing these great films, I turned it on in the living room…at night….during what normally is prime time TV watching. Luckily Nicole must not have had anything in mind to watch, because she didn’t even complain once, in fact she was watching on and off as she surfed the web.  
     The description of the movie is as follows:

Brian Bosworth stars as Joe Huff, a tough Alabama cop who is frustrated with a system that handles criminals with kid gloves. Currently, Joe is on suspension for displaying excessive violence toward criminals.
After stopping a supermarket robbery, Joe is summoned by Agent Cunningham (Richard Gant), whom he meets in a vacant underground parking garage. Cunningham proceeds to blackmail Joe into going undercover, by threatening to turn his three week suspension into six months without pay.
Cunningham wants Joe to go undercover in Mississippi and infiltrate “The Brotherhood,” a white supremacist biker gang linked to the murders of government officials and suspected of dealing drugs to the mafia. The Brotherhood is led by a violent psychopath named Chains Cooper (Lance Henriksen).

    Bosworth is awesome in this movie and the film itself is packed with action. Lance Henriksen, like always, is a great villain – this film does not disappoint.  Here are a few notes:

  • Bosworth’s outfits are amazing in this and it became apparent to me that Dog the Bounty Hunter must worship his style.  From the ridiculous shirts or leather tops (both usually exposing the entire chest), to the awful bleached mullet style hair, and the dangling earring.  Their styles are very similar, only one was relevant to the time period, and the other isn’t even close.
  • There is loads of nudity in the film, mainly gratuitous nudity from biker sluts and strippers.
  • Great unrealistic action scenes that can put a smile on anybody’s face.  
  • More dialog using bad language in sentences that nobody would ever use.

Notice how I don’t have too many notes?  Because the movie ruled.  I enjoyed the film so much, the very next day we decided to pay tribute to the movie with a limited edition shirt!  This shirt will be on a limited run so get it while you can.  Its quantities are set on ebay and etsy, so visit our stores from the links on the right side of the blog and look for the “Stone Cold” shirt.

Also, the opening scene of “Stone Cold”. Tell me this doesn’t make you wanna run out and get this movie!