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Slowly starting rehab again…

  • Aaron F.

    We took a break starting late November on all house rehab.  It was getting to be a little much but now Nicole and I are starting to get the itch again.  We slowly started working in the living room.  Nicole got the idea to turn the bay window area in the living room into a little bistro area.  Hanging from the ceiling in that area was this disgusting glass light that needed to go immediately.  She found the perfect light on etsy:

(This isn’t a picture from inside our house, it’s from sellers etsy store)

     We then wanted to get a pedestal table for underneath it.  It seemed like everywhere we looked they were between $150.00 ( for a mediocre one) and up to $500.00+ (for better quality ones).  We tried looking on craigslist but had no luck. Finally on Sunday we found one for $60.00 but at the last minute the lady called us and said that her husband had sold it without telling her.  Lame.  So we were back to square one.  We found one at the local AMVETS (thrift store) for only $45.00 and it was super heavy duty.  Old furniture is the best if you can restore it because everything was made so well back then.  We took the table home and sanded it down.  Nicole is in the process of painting it and I should have some pictures later on in the week.
     Having the light purchased and the table only left us with one more thing to get.  Chairs.  Nicole found 2 chairs on Target’s website.  I think they will look pretty awesome once everything is in place.

These are supposed to be delivered by the end of the week.  Fingers crossed!