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I am hung.

  • Aaron F.

    The drywall is all hung in the dining room.  Two days off of work and two full days working in the dining room.  All the drywall is up and is partially taped.  We are moving pretty fast on this room.  Today after work I started pulling the wallpaper off the wall on the upper portion.  I thought this would be a nightmare but I was totally wrong.  Most of it came off in huge portions and the spots that were stubborn, I used a curtain steamer that Nicole had.  It worked like a charm, even though sometimes it would spit boiling water on my hand causing me to cuss violently.  Luckily I didn’t have to use it all that much.  Saturday, Nicole is going over to her mom’s house to do some pumpkin related activities with her little nephew and I am going to get another full days work in there, taping and mudding, only this time (because it is Saturday) I will be consuming beer while doing it thus bringing a smile to my face.

Some of the seams aren’t  lined up at the moment because of old house shifting, but with some trimming and mud tricks, I’ll get it looking like the 

Not much I can say about this one.  Looks good to me!

 Tonight Nicole came home with a fall decoration that is amazing.  An Anise Wreath.  I love Anise.  I keep sniffing it.  I want to lick it. I love Anise.  The Wreath was pretty expensive the first time we noticed it at Target.  She found it on clearance for a fraction of the price.  Now we own it and this weekend we will hang it up.