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  • Aaron F.

   Oh man I’m glad its Friday, this week has been draining.  Over the next two weeks, we will be focusing on the Toddler section of our site.  I received a few orders for Toddler shirts this week and was immediately embarrassed that the Toddler webpage looked as terrible as it did.  Thanks to the people that looked at that and still wanted to order!  The pictures of the shirts on that section of our webpage were horrendous, you couldn’t tell what colors the shirts were not to mention, 90% of the colors/styles were discontinued.  Over the next two weeks that section is under complete overhaul and it will look fantastic when its finished.
    Also for blog readers that like it when we post home improvement projects, we have started renovation in another room.  The room that used to be my office has begun demolition.  The room was way too big to be my office and I pretty much hated being in there.  I moved my office into a smaller room and began tearing the room apart.  I made the vow that there will be no messing around in there.  This house was loaded with archaic electrical situations, terrible dry walling, and the floors are awful as well.

The previous owners drywalled over the plaster to hide the wallpaper and damaged plaster. This is a common practice but do it right….don’t drywall around the woodwork or it looks like this……kill me.
Our bedroom and the old office have lights like this….no switch…just this rope hanging from the ceiling.  I have had enough of this as well….I’m going to rewire the ceiling to a switch.
………………. plus the plaster is cracked.  This will need to be addressed as well.  Oh and do you see that to the left…?
…yeah this. We are almost 100% positive that this gorgeous paneling is hiding something as well. Oh the anticipation!

More to come on this!