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Oh the work continues….

  • Aaron F.

     Couldn’t post last week, the shirt orders were steady and there was much to to.  I had taken Monday off to work in the old office room, continuing my demo work and making progress.  The room has now gone from one outlet, to three.  The pull string light on the ceiling is now gone and I installed a dimmer switch on the wall for it (which was a giant pain but I better get used to it, there are 2 others in the house that need to be gone), and the room is now insulated.

Here is a good look at the wall paper that was hidden behind the paneling.  This layer came off easy….but the layer under it might have been at east 60 years old.  That one I needed to spend an hour or two on steaming and scraping.  The plaster wall behind it was in good shape though which will save a ton of work and mess.

I get amazed when I see the bones of this house which was build in the 1800’s.  These things were built to last.

Hard to make out, but this is the floral, base layer of wallpaper that needed to get steamed.

This is a close up of the hippy second layer paper.

After a steam.

All insulated!

   Next up is clearing out the room of anything that we don’t need in there, tearing down the rest of the door and wall molding, and starting the brick wall.  Stay tuned