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Kitchen Remodel Phase 2: Knocking Out the Wall

  • Aaron F.

    So the kitchen is fully gutted and today Al and I knocked out the wall dividing the kitchen and the dining room.  We will be putting up a new half wall, leaving a cut out and showing off a little counter space in the kitchen. 

The inside of the kitchen wall.  Prepare to meet your doom.

The breakthrough begins

Al has no mercy.

Almost through!

One thing we discovered is that when we tore out the wall the chimney was revealed.  The way it sat there between the cut out wall and the doorway gave Al an idea.  What if we keep the exposed chimney in that spot?  I loved it, we are looking to modernize the house, but we want to keep the old charm the house had that we fell in love with when we first walked in.  Juxtaposing the original brick fireplace in the house against the old original wood work, surrounded by new drywall and our (soon to be) new bamboo floors will hopefully give us that balance.

Completely opened up between the kitchen and dining room

Keep in mind the chimney will go right up to the ceiling, there’s still some plaster left to take down.  The chimney will just need to get cleaned off a little with a wire brush and it should look awesome when its all done.   

One of the best parts about tearing down walls in old homes is that you never know what you will find.  When we took out the ceiling in the kitchen, there were baseball cards galore from the mid 80’s up there (no, nothing valuable).  Today we found a 103 year old Buffalo newspaper.  The paper was disintegrating and crumbling to pieces but I managed to get a few good shots of it.