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WOO! I’m back. I’m trying!

  • Aaron F.

    Its been a hectic couple of days!  Every day seems to be more busy than the next.  Sounds exciting right?  Sort of.  I’m burning out.  The shirt orders have been crazy, the overtime at my other job is non-stop, and the work around the house is never ending.  Last weekend, Nicole and I decided to scrap any house work and keep our schedule as laid back as possible so that we could take a day and do what pleases us most.  Shopping.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Not a very manly activity right?  Whatever.  I love shopping, I love clothes, and I fully blame my mother.  I was her shopping companion all of the years growing up.  Hours of shopping for clothes, shoes, etc.  I was raised to enjoy this activity, find sales, combine coupons, and search for bargains.  We spent all Saturday having a shopping therapy day and it was just what we needed.  We took the portion of our checks that we would normally spend on the house, and we bought some much needed clothes for ourselves.  I managed to get myself a nice button down and a sweater for winter that is totally awesome.  One thing in particular that I saw at Urban Outfitters, was so awesome, so incredibly stupid, and hideous, I had to share it here.   I present to you this work of art (I should have purchased this):

Kelly Kapowski

    Anyways, now onto the house (I can’t think about my poor decision not to buy this).  The kitchen is exploding with life and Al is really making progress.  We ran into a few roadblocks that I was able to overcome.  First off, the pendent lights we ordered had recessed light adapters on them.  It wasn’t too big of an issue because I was able to just splice off the adapter and hard wire it into the ceiling.  I love how these lights turned out.

The back splash on both sides of the kitchen is now finished.  Al finished the other wall today and installed the rest of the remaining cabinets that we had to get shipped because the originals that we ordered were cracked.  Now all of the cabinets and the back splash are up, along with the microwave.  Next up is the floor and ordering the granite.  We cannot wait to get the appliances moved in.