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Full Weekend of House Work

  • Aaron F.

    This weekend was super busy.  Friday night we set a goal for what we wanted to accomplish this weekend and we made sure that we actually did it.  Our main goal was to tackle a few more of the old windows and paint the sun room.  Like I had mentioned a few posts ago, the sun room consists of 7 large, old wooden windows.  Instead of immediately spending what would probably be over a grand for that one room alone, we are going to repair and fix up the windows that are in there which will buy us a little time and make them look a lot nicer.  I ordered some new glass and grabbed some more window glaze.  Nicole picked up the painting supplies and we were ready to work all weekend.
    Saturday afternoon when we got back from Home Depot, we received a call from our friend Patrick.  He was bored and looking to help out so we told him to come down, we sure could use the help.  I started pulling windows out while Nicole started priming the room.  She wanted to prime it because of the old water stains that were present.  The paint we decided on was a light blue/gray.  It was a color that was going to go really well with the old mahogany.  Here are some “before” pictures:

    After Pat and I repaired the old windows, we joined Nicole and helped paint the room.  With three people doing it, it took hardly anytime at all.  Here are some “after” pictures.

     The room looks pretty awesome now.  We also took down the terrible Gothic light that was hanging from the ceiling and replaced it with a basic ceiling fan.  I installed a dimmer so that we didn’t have to have intense lighting while watching TV.
     The weekend flew by, but we got everything done that we set out to do.  Next weekend will be a new set of goals to accomplish!  Today I got to relax, as we went to Nicole’s mother’s house where I got to sit down for a few hours and watch the Red Bulls game.  It was soccer Sunday for me and I loved every minute of it.