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Travel Log: First full day of our Chicago Trip

  • Aaron F.

   Yesterday was totally ruined for us with that air plane ordeal.  It had to have been one of the worst airline experiences ever, but on the plus side, I’m glad it was discovered and that we didn’t die.  There was a pressure leak in first engine and it was leaking fluids.  They told us that it would be a half hour wait…..4 different times…..every half our…which equals 2 hours.  This wait would not have been too bad had they not all packed us onto the airplane first.  I could have gotten some food, maybe a beer, and dealt with the delay. But no.  We were just sitting on the airplane the entire time.  Nicole read an entire book, while I made it through a majority of my book:

A pretty decent read if you find David  Byrne  interesting.  Otherwise you will find it insanely  pretentious and you won’t make it through more than a few pages (like Nicole).  I have enjoyed most of it so far.

    We arrived in Chicago around 8-ish and there was no way we were going to make our dinner reservations at a roof top place for dinner.  I was already annoyed.  We arrived at our hotel room shortly after getting off the Rosemont exit on the Blue line.  We are staying at the Hyatt right around the corner from the subway station, and I honestly can’t believe how nice the hotel is.  It looks like its from the future and there’s a sushi bar with fire places.  It’s one of the more unique hotels I’ve stayed at.  
    We dropped off our things and we immediately took off to get downtown.  This day was terrible so there was only one way to deal with that.  Pizza.
We had read awesome things about this place when researching pizza in Chicago.  I’ve had Chicago style pizza in past trips here, mainly ordering to a hotel room from a local mom & pop place, and it was really great.  This was my fist time going to one of the more “famous” pizza destinations.  We were able to sit right down when we arrived and we ordered the “The Malnati Classic” Pizza.  Nicole is right.  If you go somewhere that has a great reputation, and they have a menu item that they point out as being the best thing they make, just order that.  The pizza takes 30 minutes to cook, its something that’s just understood.  These pizzas take time.  The Malnati Classic is made with lean sausage, extra cheese, vine-ripened tomato sauce, on a butter crust.  It was really good.  I figured it was just going to be pieces of sausage. No. It was like a gigantic sheet of sausage that covered the whole top of the pizza. The one thing I noticed from the other Chicago style pizza that I had eaten years back, was that it was not as thick (cheese wise).  Not that I needed more cheese (I need to diet as soon as this trip ends).  The pizza was really good.  I consider myself an expert on pizza, and have a history making all types from the many pizzeria jobs I’ve had and my continued pizza making at home.  I give this place a solid 8 out of 10.  Very good.

    It’s supposed to rain all tomorrow so we are going to be doing most of our outdoor things today.  I’ll be bringing the SLR for some better pictures.