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I am fatigued.

  • Aaron F.

    This whole week and weekend has been non-stop and I am beat.  I could not keep up with updates but I kept taking pictures so I can catch up on here.
    On Thursday we went to the Museum Night that they were doing here in Buffalo for preservation week.  For $25.00 a ticket, you could get access to all of the Museums, plus a rare sneak peak of the first floor of the Richardson Complex.  This building used to be an old mental hospital.  Its architecturally stunning and extremely eerie.  It is also closed to the public normally because it is slowly being restored.  They promoted a free trolley that was running so that people wouldn’t have to drive to them with one of the stops right down the street from our house.  It seemed like a great idea.  The weather was pretty terrible. Cold, high winds and rain are a terrible combination.  We roughed it and walked down to the stop with some friends of ours.  The trolley was supposed to pick us up at 6:30pm.  When we arrived, the sign at the stop said 7:00pm.  Already slightly annoyed, we went for some coffee and killed some time, returning at seven.  We then stood in the rain and wind for a half hour, and there was still no trolley.  Now extremely annoyed, we walked back to our house to get the car totally soaked.  By the time we arrived, there were like two hours left to enjoy all of the museums.  I just wanted to get into a warm bed at this point.  All I really wanted to see was the Richardson Complex.  The art museum I have seen before. Like most museums, the paintings were impressive while the “modern art” was pure shit.  Modern art is ridiculous.  Even more ridiculous is people explaining modern art to other people.  I could rant for days on this topic but I won’t.  The trolley service was supposed to transfer people between museums also, but the rate at which it was coming to pick people up was awful.  We decided to walk to the Richardson Complex.

Our friends Molly and Pat came along with us to enjoy the nice weather.

Nicole and I standing in line at the Richardson Complex.  They could only allow 150 people in at a time due to the fact that it is still not completely safe to be in.
The woodwork in this building was incredible.  Everything was larger than life.

The doors where all like 12 feet tall, solid wood. 

This was inside one of the rooms in the ward.

   Getting to see the inside of this building almost made the trip worth it.  But not quite.  The trolley fiasco was obnoxious especially combined with the terrible weather.  When we got home I passed right out.