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Who’s totally excited to stare at things? We are.

  • Aaron F.

   Nicole and I have a guilty pleasure.  One night we were sitting on the couch relaxing, and I sat there flicking through the endless amounts of crappy Netflix movies searching for something to watch.  Finally I stopped on something..and decided to watch it…

Oh yeah… was amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t amazing in that it was REALLY good.  It was amazing in that it was dumbest thing on earth yet oddly captivating.  Every one of these movies uses the “recorded video” effect weather it be a surveillance tape or an annoying character who needs to tape everything that goes on in the house.
   There are so many times in the movie were you just find yourself sitting there..staring at the TV…waiting for something to move or happen.  Minutes will go by, and then you catch yourself doing it…and realize how ridiculous you look!
   I think my favorite part about these films, are the people in them.  Somehow the craziest shit happens in the house; horrific spurts of craziness….and when the spurt ends, there’s always the one asshole that goes, “Lets just go back to sleep, it was nothing.”   Its the best.  It’s so stupid.
  Nicole’s favorite aspect of these movies is the ongoing story.  They have managed to keep the story going through four movies about this demon terrorizing this family over years and years.  When we saw the trailer for the 4th one that was just released, we could not wait to see it.  I’m guessing sometime next week.  If you are looking for something hilarious to watch, check this out, it’s mind numbingly great!
   Sorry about the lack of posts this week, it’s been a crazy week on both a personal level and a business level.  Christmas orders are already coming in, it’s going to be a great year!