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Weight Watchers: Week 1

  • Aaron F.

    Last Monday, Nicole and I started Weight Watchers.  We figured that if we started it now, by the time we get married in a few months, we will look awesome.  We have tried all sorts of diets before this one, and they are all really bad.  Calorie counting sucks and it doesn’t work well.  My mom has lost a ridiculous amount of weight in the time she’s been on it, so we decided to do it.  In 6 days I had lost about 5 pounds.  I am allowed 43 points a day and sometimes its hard to even eat that much.  In addition to that I get 49 cheater points which are points that you get for the week to splurge.  I save those for beer on the weekend.  So far its super comfortable to do and sort of fun because it forces me to cook food.  There are hundreds of recipes for lunch, breakfast, dinner, and appetizers.  I figure why not blog some healthy recipes that I really love.
    Last week we made a bunch of things, the thing I liked the most was the Turkey Reuben.  This is a great, filling sandwich and it’s only 5 points!  The recipe is as follows:

Weight Watchers Turkey Reuben
Low calorie or light Rye Bread
2oz of 98% fat free turkey
Low fat Swiss cheese (we used the fat free)
Dijon mustard

Fire up a skillet or pan and spray it with some PAM spray.  While the pan is heating up, build your sandwich.  Once the sandwich is built and put together, place it on the pan until both sides are a golden brown.

Build the sandwich. 

Spray your pan or skillet with PAM.  

Brown both sides of the sandwich and melt the cheese. 

Look at these babies. 

2oz of turkey seems like a horribly small amount, but its really not.

The sandwich is 5 points, and the addition of the chips below make this lunch  8  points.

This brand of chips is awesome.  20 chips are 3 points.