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Week 2 Weigh-in!

  • Aaron F.

    Two weeks into Weight Watchers and I’m down from about 211 pounds to 202.4!  This plan has been pretty easy, I’m able to eat comfortably, even though I’ll always miss over eating! Giving up bourbon and beer during the week is tough.  I love those two things. I love them.  Nicole is having really good luck with it also and is losing weight too.  Its nice wearing fit shirts and not looking like a sausage.
    Last night was the first weight watchers dinner that I failed at making.  The recipe listed was for chicken marsala.  Everything was going great until the final step.  I was to “pour marsala mixture into the pan” with the sauteed mushrooms.  As soon as I did this, it looked like I blew an alien’s brain up.  It turned into a disgusting, coagulated, purple sloppy mess.  It looked like something from a 90’s Nickelodeon game show.  So we had to toss that mess and just have chicken and veggies.
    We have been babysitting my parents dog all week.  She is an amazing dog, but a total diva.  She doesn’t go outside when it rains.  I have to push her into the yard.  She also needs me to season her healthy dog food with a few morsels of my dogs food or she wont eat.  She is super ridiculous, but we love her and it’s nice having a big dog around.

Izzy (right) really likes Ric (left), but she hates being away from my parents.  This looks like a wedding picture from a fixed marriage.