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The final weekend of our wedding celebration has come to and end.

  • Aaron F.

    I should be able to start posting at normal intervals again, it’s just been insane lately and I’ve barely had time to breathe.  This past weekend was our big family wedding picnic celebration, where my parents rented a lodge and all of our family attended for a big party.  I’ll have more pictures from this when they arrive.  My cousin Jennifer took pictures at the event and did a photo shoot of Nicole and I as a wedding present.  I think we may have given off a vibe that we were annoyed that we had to do a photo shoot, but it was really just our mutual disgust for extremely hot weather which unfortunately shows on both our faces.  We were pretty grateful that she wanted to do this for us.  We woke up early Saturday and headed to the park in Rochester to shoot the pictures.  I’m not sure how they came out as Jen didn’t want to show me the pics before they were edited, but if she’s able to get good pictures from Nicole and I with our extreme awkwardness, she will end up being a great photographer.  She did however send me a preview picture which we loved:

    The picnic was a blast, it was great to have everyone in one place to enjoy a relaxed party.  No dress clothes, nothing formal, just friends and family together to eat, drink, and celebrate.  My parents had the event catered by Dinosaur BBQ.  Pulled pork, ribs, Cajun corn, cornbread, salt potatoes, and of course sausage and peppers, and a baked macaroni.  The food was amazing.  Here are a few pictures that I was able to steal from family from the event.  I should have other pictures in a week or so as they surface.

BBQ rub favors.  My mom had the labels made using Etsy for the first time.

Some homemade cupcakes, they were all delicious.

Nicole’s sister made this incredible cake for us.  It was delicious!  The little mice where truffles.

   We will be spending the week making our thank you cards for everyone, but for everyone that attended, we love you all and thanks again!