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Fun weekend.

  • Aaron F.

   Sometimes Nicole and I get so wrapped up in working on house related projects, that we get exhausted and forget to have fun.  This weekend, my parents came into town to continue their search for a house in Buffalo or surrounding areas.  This experience has been pretty tough on them because of the lack of inventory in the area, and that when things do pop up they get sold before they get a chance to look.  The weather was amazing and it was a great day to spend looking at some houses.  At night we got to take my parents to the waterfront which is one of my favorite places to go in the city.  We planned on catching a drink at the new “Liberty Hound” restaurant on the water and had some time to walk around.  We took my parents to my favorite spot on the waterfront, River Fest park.  I enjoyed seeing the look on my moms face as we walked through the unattractive, yet oddly memorizing areas that are on the way to the park.  There is a certain beauty about it that is hard to describe.   Near the end of the walk, you get hit with a blast of smells from the General Mills plant; a sweet smell from the Cheerios.  It’s such a crazy thing that I never grew up here, in fact I’ve only been here 10 years, yet I love this city and it’s character as if I’d been here my whole life.

Getting drinks at Liberty Hound.  It was a very cool spot for a drink and a great view.  We were going to eat there but its incredibly loud and the dining area is cramped.

   Next weekend is our wedding picnic/party that my family is throwing for us.  It should be a blast.