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Our Imagination Nursery Project!

  • Aaron F.
   This weekend was super productive.  With no set plans, it gave us a ton of time to work in the nursery as we are closing in on the final project in this room….the new floor.  I’m a bit scared to try this next project by myself, but I was scared when I was trying the crown molding, and that turned out fine.  This will be my most challenging project yet.
    This weekend, we started wrapping up some of the final things that needed to get done before starting the floor.  We had to finish the inside of the closet and we had to sand and paint the window molding.  As soon as we finished these, all of the dirty work was pretty much done.  This would clear the way for putting up the new light.  We had looked at a number of lights and up until maybe a week ago, we were set to pay a little more than $100 for the one we wanted.  Then Nicole came up with the idea to get one of those paper ball  shades.  I loved this idea, mainly because it would sort of resemble a moon!  We found one at Pier 1 Imports for about 10.00.  We then bought a mini pendant light kit from Home Depot for 14.99 making the entire light around 25.00.  Pretty sweet huh?  I put that up this weekend as well, and we are finally getting to see the formation of this room come together.  Besides our kitchen, this baby is going to have the best room in the house!

Stay tuned for more updates!  I’m trying to make a more constant flow of blog posts happen, I have been insanely busy but if I pour myself a tasty pint, I can chill out enough to type out an entry!