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  • Aaron F.
   I haven’t been posting on here lately, I simply haven’t had any time!  My mother mocked me a few days ago (as she commonly does), laughing at how I am constantly stressed out and overwhelmed at what I take on at once.  Basically right now, the Super Sweet Shirt Company is busier than we have ever been.  At the same time my wife and I are completely gutting and remodeling a room in our house for the new baby.  So what can I add to all of that?  How about redesigning our website from scratch!  Not the brightest move, but after long nights and exhausting weeks, it is finished.  The entire catalog hasn’t been added yet, but it soon will be.  That part is taking longer than normal because I need to re-shoot pictures for all products.  The site itself though is awesome and I love the way that it turned out!  Here are some new features on the new :
-Brand new “Contact Us” feature lets you easily ask me questions on-site without having to send emails or hassle.  I usually respond in minutes unless I am asleep.
-New Sale section that will eventually replace the clearance sections we had in our Etsy and eBay stores. will be the only place to get our clearance items.
-Blog is fed into the site.  Now you can check out the shirts, sales, and blog on one site.
-Super easy method for updating the site with the newest shirt updates.  No more long delays for shirts being added to the site.
So now all we are waiting for is to have ALL of the products on the site.  Soon!!!