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New Storm Door

  • Aaron F.

    Today after work, I installed the new storm door.  I had never installed anything like this before, but for the most part it was pretty easy.  I was able to find a video online from the window company itself.  The video was simple and easy to follow so I had no real problems.  We don’t get the screen for like 2 weeks because I took a chance on a 400 dollar door, marked almost half off at Home Depot because it was labeled “slow moving”.  I asked the salesman what this had meant, and he said that it was because the door was returned and the box had been opened.  He said there would be a risk of missing parts but that the door company would mail me any parts that were missing for free.  I went for it. The door was too sweet to turn down, and without the discount it would have been just out of our price range.  When I got home, there was an insane amount of things missing including the screen.  I called the window company and they mailed me out everything.  They said the screen would take longer because it was a big item and needed to be on the Home Depot truck.  Today I got all the parts I needed to install the door so I went at it (I ran a little late, my apologies to any neighbors that read this).

    Tomorrow is Friday, I am ready to relax and see plenty of this…

It’s so beautiful.