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Netflix Alert: Review – "Homefront"

  • Aaron F.

     I’ve been waiting for this one.  I meant to go see this in the theatre when it initially came out, but couldn’t get the time.  The plot is simple.  Statham is an ex-cop that wanted to get away from it all, took his daughter, and moved into the country so that they could ride horses in the country.  They unfortunately chose a place where everyone has horrible southern accents and where James Franco’s character “Gator”, is a ruthless, feared, psycho meth dealer.  Of course paths cross, and Statham can’t escape becoming a target.

     From the very beginning of the movie, I noticed a common theme in all of Stathom’s movies.  There doesn’t seem to ever be a character that I think would ever beat him in a fight, accept maybe Expendables 3 when he goes toe to toe with Scott Atkins.  Other than that, never.  This movie is even worse.  Throughout the movie Stathom fights overweight trashy hillbillies.  There is rarely a suspenseful scene where you sit there and think, “Oh no, how’s he going to get out of this?”  Instead, you sit there and watch as he gets surrounded by like 8 guys, and you can’t wait to see them all get completely destroyed like characters in a video game.  Its awesome.

This fight in the beginning (which lasted maybe .5 seconds started it all…

   There were a few points in which the film dragged on a little too much, but with such a simple premise, they had to fill it with something.  I had no issue with the movie, my wife found it to be boring in some spots.  They did a good job of hiding Franco from looking like a little kid picking a fight with a grown man by portraying him as “crazy.”  If you’re in the mood to watch something that involves no thinking what-so-ever, definitely relax to this film.

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