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Good Weekend.

  • Aaron F.

   The weekend is already gone and over but ended up being quite eventful.  Friday night I wanted to make dinner for Nicole.  She had an entire week of really long days at work and wasn’t getting home Friday until late.  I decided to dive into the thousands of recipe sites online, once again ending up on the Post Punk Kitchen website, a vegan cooking site that has some really great recipes.   I didn’t get this recipe from their site, but got the idea to do so from their forum.   I decided to make a Vegan Philly Cheese Steak Bomber, something we had on our trip to Philadelphia a while back that no restaurant here can seem to do correctly.  When the Eights Bistro opened up here in Buffalo, they had one on their menu and we were very excited.  While we love the Eights Bistro, this was not a good menu item as we were served with hoagie roll filled with mushrooms.  I was determined to do it correctly.  The recipe was straight forward:

1 pack of Seitan
Green Peppers
Provolone Cheese
I didn’t include amounts or measurements because there are no rules for this.  You just make it, and you make it as nasty as you possibly can using generous amounts of oil, salt, and pepper.  The secret to making this successfully it to accept the fact that this meal you are making is flat out not healthy, so go all out!  I diced up the peppers and onions, chopped up the mushrooms into small pieces, shredded up the Seitan, and placed it all on my griddle with generous amounts of oil salt and pepper.  It then cooks until the veggies are soft and the Seitan starts to brown, constantly mixing and chopping everything up with the spatula.  
Right before you pull it all off of the griddle, you place full slices of provolone cheese over the top of the ingredients.  Once the cheese starts to melt pull it all off and place it into a bowl mixing the melting cheese in with the rest of the ingredients.  That’s it!  Place the tasty creation onto a roll and enjoy.
     Check back tomorrow especially if you are a reader in the Buffalo area.  Nicole and I spent a gorgeous Saturday morning in the Elmwood Village at Acropolis. Acropolis used to be a little Greek dive that was renovated and expanded into a cool, classy looking place.  Will the food match up to its stellar new appearance?