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Acropolis: It Looks Great.

  • Aaron F.

    Every time we take a stroll down Elmwood Avenue here in Buffalo, Ny we always walk past the newly renovated “Acropolis” restaurant, one of many Greek restaurants in our area.  Ever since the place was remolded it always appears to be busy with people enjoying their food weather its indoors or outside in their new eating area along the Elmwood sidewalk.  Saturday morning we decided to give it a try for breakfast.  When we walked in we both noticed the attractive Bloody Marys in front of people.  We both immediately wanted one so when we were sat at our table, that was the first thing we ordered.

The Bloody Marys were acceptable and could have used a little more heat as they were a bit mild.  The waitress was very pleasant and they staff seemed to be friendly and outgoing.  We then placed the order for our food. Nicole ordered a spinach and feta omelet with home fries and I had order the grilled flat pita with eggs, cheddar cheese and ham.

The food was delivered in a timely fashion and looked great.  Both of our meals were extremely bland.  Nicole’s food was so bland the only flavor that popped when you took a bite of it was the flavor of oil.  It was really tough to eat, and she was only able to eat a portion of it.  Mine was so bad that I would have had a tastier breakfast eating a microwaved breakfast sandwich from the grocery store.  It was really something.  My first thought after eating this awful food was, “At least at the old Acropolis, its appearance was so unattractive that it wouldn’t have been such a surprise that the food was so awful.”.  The new remodeled Acropolis restaurant is a step in the right direction and looks great on them main strip, they just need to improve the food.  On the plus side they did offer some unique specials that we didn’t notice until after we ordered.  There was an avocado omelet and a few other different items that would almost convince me to try it once more. Almost.

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