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Checking into Little Italy

  • Aaron F.

    We were on our way to the Washington Place Inn, a place Nicole had found online.  The place looked really awesome and it offered a brunch menu that looked amazing.  As we got closer and closer, the areas we drove through continued to look really bad.  We started to get nervous as the GPS read “1.0 Miles” to destination.  When it literally got down to about .2 miles, we approached a small bridge.  Once we crossed the bridge, we were in a whole different world.  It’s kind of like that here in Buffalo for many areas, and we were hoping it would be the case here also.  We were now in “Little Italy”, full of lush trees, a few restaurants, and people safely walking around.  The Inn was very nice, it had a bar and restaurant down stairs with a pretty good reputation, but parking was never an issue because they reserve seven spots for the guests.

Our room was called “Cinque Terre”.  That bed was really comfortable.

After we got settled in, we wanted to get a feel for the area.  Our reservations for dinner was 2 hours away so we had some time to kill.  We started walking up and down the street looking for shops and things.  There really wasn’t anything we were seeing in site, just a few places to eat.  Sort of frustrated, we decided to go back to our Inn and catch a drink at the bar where we could ask the bar tender about the area.  The bar tender was pretty cool….too cool.  This god damn guy looked just like this.

and this…

When we asked for directions, we were distracted at the resemblance that this guy had to Brad Pitt and Jax from “Sons of Anarchy”.   The guy drew us a map to where we could find the shops and such.  10 minutes later we set out to find the shops only to get lost and end up running out of time due to dinner plans.  The houses in the area are beautiful though…but still we were not successful finding this shopping district.
    For our wedding night dinner, we chose to eat at “L,Albatros,” a place that looked really nice on Urbanspoon.  We arrived early on accident, but they were able to sit us immediately. We sat outside because it was absolutely gorgeous out and we were so glad we did.  The outdoor eating area was amazing. It was super comfortable, ultra classy, and not at all over crowded.

I didn’t snap pictures of our food because I wanted to enjoy this night, and we did.  The food and drinks were great, and after we ordered another glass of wine and enjoyed it on this wicker sofa area they had back there.  Nicole and I celebrated into the night with our glasses of wine and talked about whatever was running through our minds.  It was my favorite moment of the trip, I was truly happy. If we hadn’t driven, we probably would have stayed and drank some more.  We got back to the Inn excited to be able to finally sleep, and we would need our rest because we had a long day of driving ahead the next day, and our trip to the Christmas Story House!