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C25K Conclusion!

  • Aaron F.
    I had posted blogs on my experience with the C25K app for smart phone.  Basically in a nutshell, I was diagnosed with very high cholesterol by my doctor and after convincing her to give me 6 months to change and avoid medication, I started the C25K program the next day.  Well, the 6 months have passed.  I combined this running program with weight watchers (another program I’ve had great success with) for 6 straight months, going from barely being able to run a mile, to being able to run 8 miles, all while going from 206 pounds down to 182 pounds.  I didn’t want to go on medication.  The doctor said that having cholesterol that high could have been “hereditary.”  I have a huge issue with “hereditary,” mainly because (for the most part), it’s overused.  Sure, some things are.  But some things are bullshit.  Like when cancer runs in the family, and then you notice at a mass family gathering, everyone is outside smoking.  Or, cholesterol problems run in the family, but everyone is out of shape, doesn’t exercise, and doesn’t take care of themselves.  This isn’t a direct correlation to my family, (well the smoking part was, I had noticed it at a family holiday party).  My step-dad has higher cholesterol and isn’t in bad shape, but he doesn’t really work out.  I had to find out for myself: “Did I really just have a problem with my cholesterol, or did I just need to bust some ass?”   I know some people need to be on medication for cholesterol for whatever reason, but I was not about to give in that easy at the age of 35.  
     Tuesday at 5:30pm was judgment day for me.  The final chapter in my 6 month workout saga.  I brought my wife and daughter with me, we got into the car and drove to the doctor’s office.  The doctor came in with my numbers.  I went from a total cholesterol level of 265 to 219.  About 19 points away from being in the “normal” range.  She said that she had never seen someone pull that off in 6 months (she’s younger) and was super impressed.  Everything else she said at the moment is a blur.  I was so happy and so blown away that I was just focused on my wife and little baby, thinking about how much I loved them both.  They are the soul motivation for my drive, the air in my lungs.  So not only did I miss a bunch of what the doctor was saying (all good stuff according to my wife) but I was basically trying not to cry like a huge pussy.  It’s weird.  I guess you have to have a kid to know the feeling, but you see this little version of you sitting there, looking at you in amazement every second it’s awake, and you just want to do everything you can to be there for her.  In my case, it was staying alive.  I didn’t want to have heart problems because of sky high cholesterol.  I want to see this kid do karate or play soccer.  I want to be there for every milestone.  If it means I have to go running every other day for miles and miles, and eat healthy, than god dammit, I’ll do it!  I just did.