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Wrestlemania Sunday!

  • Aaron F.

    For millions of people, the most famous Sunday in sports is “Superbowl Sunday”.  For me its “Wrestlemania” Sunday!  This is an event many of us have been watching every year since childhood.  Some of us (like myself) have traveled to different states to see the event live.  I have attended two Wrestlemanias and have witnessed history.  This weekend will be the first Wrestlemania that I host at our new home and I am pretty excited.  Nicole most likely is not, but she understands the passion dudes like myself have for an event such as this.
    I’m going to cook up some chicken on grill, kick back, and hopefully watch some great matches.


     I took off Monday so that I wouldn’t have to work after Wrestlemania.  I have decided to try my hand at brewing on this day.  I picked up the last of the things I need so that I can do it.  The liquid yeast I have has a shelf life, and the date stamped on it doesn’t allow me much time.  I will start cooking Monday, hopefully I will be successful.  This is really something I’d like to be good at.  I discovered that we have a home brewing store in Buffalo.  I went there over the weekend, it is totally awesome and will make it easier for me to pursue this hobby.  I’m going to try and get some pictures from the process to add during the week!