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The Next Step Has Begun!

  • Aaron F.

I’m running a bit behind this year, but one of the main goals I had for The Super Sweet Shirt Co. was to transition all of my products to American Apparel products.  The overall goal, is to have a product made right here in the USA.  Not just the printing, but the entire garment.  I have eliminated the option for the “cheaper” shirt on our site.  All shirts will now only be printed on American Apparel T-shirts.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be listing clearance items at at crazy low prices.  It’s all oddball stuff, extra inventory, etc.  There will be some non-American Apparel stuff listed in there because we are clearing out our old inventory.  Check it out daily!

The next step is to test and hopefully switch over our onesie inventory to American Apparel as well. Stay tuned!