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The Killing Machine

  • Aaron F.

     Dolph Lundgren returns with his newest masterpiece “Icarus” or in the states “The Killing Machine”.  Dolph plays “Icarus”, real name Edward Genn, an assassin who is struggling with the balance of being a ruthless killer and a father to a little girl.  Some past mistakes end up haunting him as eventually an onslaught of trained killers tries to murder him and his entire family.  If you like Dolph Lundgren then this is a good one.  The film is full of action and some brutal ass kicking.  Dolph directed this film and does a good job in making this look like a film with a decent budget.  This film isn’t going to win any awards and sometimes lacks common sense but that is what makes it great.  Dolph at one point is trying to save his daughter and brutally kills someone by ramming his face through the barbell of a weight set.  Long term trauma for the little girl?  Not when your Dolph’s daughter!  Super Sweet Shirts recommends this movie if you like things that are awesome.

Dolph’s total kills:  26
Methods used:  Guns, pitchfork, barbell, explosive, and bare hands…

 Rating (out of 4)