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The Guest Room

  • Aaron F.

    Our guest room is just about finished.  We are just waiting to put the bamboo in for the floor.  This room was in bad shape when we first moved in.  There was drywall that looked like it was cut by a blind man, cracks in the wall, terrible molding with missing pieces, and outlets in the wall that were too close to the floor and not secured to anything.  It was pretty amazing.  Nicole and I wrecked shop in this room, tearing off all the gross molding, painting, patching, etc.  We wanted this to be a great room for family/friends to stay if they came to visit.  Here is how it looks so far (try to ignore the bad hardwood, that will be fixed soon):

This was molding that Nicole and I created using two types of wood.  A lot of the molding we saw at Home Depot was ugly and very expensive.  This was an inexpensive way to get the effect we were going for.

We replaced the cheesy wall lights that were in this room with a classier model.  I had to install little switches on these due to the fact that there was no wall switch in the room for them.

This is a rug that Nicole picked out on Overstock.  The colors go well in the room but it ended up being smaller than we wanted it to be.  It will work in there for now.

This lamp and night stand where treasures found at our local thrift store.  The night stand was in rough shape but Nicole restoration skills, this looks brand new.  The light worked perfectly and with a new shade from Target, it looks fantastic.

Brand new sheets and comforter set along with repainting the headboard a dark bronze brought this old bed to life.