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Taste of Buffalo Pictures

  • Aaron F.

    I was supposed to get this up yesterday but things have been crazy with shirts!  I wanted to post some pictures from the Taste of Buffalo.  I’m pretty sure that this was the biggest one yet in terms of vendors, in fact this year was supposed to have made it the biggest food event in the US.  It was pretty awesome.  I was excited to go this year as a non vegetarian especially.  It’s best to know ahead of time, or to at least get an idea, as to what you want to try there, otherwise you can wander aimlessly in large crowds looking for what you want.  I wanted to try the Lobster Mac & Cheese from Parings Wine Bar, Pierogi from Polish Villa, and wine slushies which are the best when its hot out.  Nicole wanted to try the Pierogi and wine slushies also, but also wanted to try the Stuffed Hot Pepper Roll from Molinaro’s Ristorante & NY Pizzeria.  We got to taste all of these things and they were delicious.  I had two Lobster Macs and Nicole’s Pepper Roll was the best tasting thing out of everything.  If you haven’t attended this event before, you should definitely try to get there next year, especially if you love food!

     Also, an update on the home renovation.  The kitchen is coming along nicely.  Al just finished dry walling the room minus a few small things left.  This weekend we will be able to paint the kitchen before the cabinets go up.  I took some time off next week so that I could help Al with some things.  We cant wait to have storage again!